Launching Spring 2019!

We are excited to announce the collaboration of some of the nation’s most talented and experienced builders, manufacturers, architects, and developers in the most revolutionary paradigm shift  the construction industry has ever seen!

Utilizing never-before seen designs, facility-built construction methods, national distribution, and a unique interpersonal client relationship, we are proud to serve INDIVIDUALS, BUILDERS, and DEVELOPERS alike with RESIDENTIAL, COMMERCIAL, & RECREATIONAL “modules”  built certified to any local jurisdictions’ accepted codes.

Headed in part by our internationally renowned design partner and his firm, Mark Harris Architects  – we aim to shake up the traditional way the nation looks at the entire construction process!


INDIVIDUAL BUYER? We are finalizing an ever-growing housing product line to choose from, delivered to your specific site, and process-managed by a local affiliate partner.

BUILDER / DEVELOPER? We can spec out new and specific product for you, or use your own designs while simply changing the construction methodology to facility-built, for 101 great and proven reasons.

INDUSTRY PROFESSIONAL? We have multiple ways to be involved on a local or regional level, from services and trades, real-estate sales and referrals, or owning an entire licensed Territory.

PRESS? Yes we do that too…and are already presenting and speaking nationwide on a wide variety of topics that highlights the new paradigm of facility-built methods, and smarter, simpler, sustainable living.


We would love to hear from you!  Please email us for a personal follow-up.

Colorado Springs, Denver, & Breckenridge CO   |   Austin & Dallas, TX   |   Joplin, MO
Shipping nationwide & coming to your state soon!